Artist's Statement

Variations of the Helix

My process and artwork is centered on structures and forms inspired by nature. The underlying theme for my recent sculptures is based on structural designs of helical forms with varied axes. The innovation of my work results from constructing these complex hand formed geometries. The spiraling form curving upon itself represents a containment and trajectory of change and growth. The linear or circular axis presents a single or double axis for the eye and hand to spiral around.

The spiraling geometry of "Swirling Matrix", "Suntwist" and Blue Volute" encompasses a single linear axis, whereas "Chambered Toroid", "Ribbonoid" and "Ovoid" have two axes, one circular and one perpendicular to the circle thus producing the torus form. Layers of time, process and energy are bound up and churning in space, alluding to the implicit and vital motion of a shell.

These forms can be seen through the axis or from its side, creating a sense of volume and intriguing tunnel spaces. There exists a symbiotic relationship between the empty spaces and the mass of the form. The modified convolutions describe ascending and descending gestures and rhythmic pathways about its center axis.

I do not want color to distract from the form, but desire a sensual balance between the two, where the glaze and structure simply reflect one another. Evoking a climate or directional event upon the forms that is transient, vital and visually tactile.

These slab built constructions are an investigation on variations of scale, convolutions and their axes. Just as there are different intervals of rhythm in nature ~ like sedimentation layers, growth rings in trees or radiating circles on the surface of a calm pool, the patterns in my work alludes to these phenomena.